Commercial Services Overview

Business closures after a disaster can result in thousands of dollars in lost Picture2income. That’s why you need to call the fast and efficient disaster recovery experts at Regency DKI the second you discover damage to your property. We’ll arrive on your site within a few hours, and we’ll work quickly to ensure that you’re back in business as quickly as possible.

No matter the type or extent of the damage faced by your business, we have the tools to make it right again. Our 24/7/365 emergency response services and our immediate response ensure that your business will get the help it needs, when it needs it. Trust Regency DKI to clean up your property and to set things right again.

Water Damage Services

Don’t let a flood destroy your business. Water can damage valuable on-site items, such as business documents and computer systems. It can also cause major Mercy1damage to the structure of your property. The longer the water sits, the more extensive the damage can be.

When you discover water damage to your property, call the water extraction and property restoration professionals at Regency DKI. Our team will arrive on site within minutes and will begin the recovery process immediately. By the time were done, your property w
ill be returned to normal.

Fire Damage Services

Fires can cause millions of dollars in damages to your business. No aspect of your business is safe from the fire. Even cpcc-112areas not damaged by the flames can still face extensive damage from smoke and soot. Additionally, the water from firemen’s hoses and sprinklers can also create lots of problems.

When your business is affected by fire, give the professionals at Regency DKI a call. We’re one of the leading providers of disaster cleanup services in the region, and you can trust us to completely finish the job in a timely fashion. No matter the extent of the fire damage to your property, Regency DKI can help.

Some of our Services include:

  • Fire recovery services
  • Smoke, soot, and water damage cleanup
  • Decontamination and odor removal
  • Reconstruction services
  • Content restoration services

Storm Damage

Icy winters and rainy summers can create a lot of problems for your business. The rain can cause flooding, while ice can damage your roof and siding. After a major storm—particularly hailstorms and strong windstorms—you should have your property evaluated for damage by an independent assessor.

If you do discover damage, it’s important that you don’t let it go untreated. Over time, it will simply grow worse, creating bigger and more expensive problems for your business. If rain, snow, hail, wind, or ice has negatively impacted your property, call the property restoration experts at Regency DKI!

Some of our services include:

  • Roof and siding repairs
  • Floodwater extraction and dehumidification
  • Debris removal
  • Reconstruction services

Mold Growth

Is mold growing in your business? Be advised that the mold can damage the structure of your property. 1Even more, it can create health problems for you and your employees.

For fast and thorough mold removal services, call the environmental remediation experts at Regency DKI. Our certified mold professionals will assess the mold growth situation and then apply a customized treatment to ensure that the mold is completely eliminated from your business. They will also take steps to ensure that it never comes back.

Some of our services include:

  • Environmental remediation services
  • Mold growth assessment
  • Contents cleaning
  • Containment and removal of mold
  • Sealing off of moisture source

Guardian Partnership

At Regency DKI, we believe that our clients deserve tguardian-logohe quickest, most efficient and professional disaster response service that the industry has to offer. That is why we have developed the Guardian Partnership

Regency DKI’s Guardian Partnership program allows us to work closely with our clients to understand their facilities, operating requirements, and communication structure to ensure preparedness should they ever be faced with an emergency. Each

Guardian Partnership is custom designed, based on our client’s individual property and business characteristics and requirements. Regency DKI has the flexibility, knowledge, technology, equipment, and experience to respond quickly and efficiently to emergencies. When equipped with a Guardian Partnership, we can further reduce the severity and duration of a property loss, resulting in cost containment and a timely return to “business as usual” for our clients.

Our current Guardian Partners depend on us as a full-service response team of specialists with a shared priority of effective management before, during, and after any property loss or emergency.

Preparedness is the key to responding to the unexpected. Let us show you how Regency DKI’s commitment to you, your business, and your clientele can provide you peace of mind, knowing you have an agile, industry leading response team available to help you through the unexpected.