Mold Remediation Services Overview

The site of mold can be quite disturbing, especially when your family’s health is at risk.Man shocked to mold a kitchen cabinet. Indoor mold exposure can lead to many health issues including difficulty breathing, coughing, throat irritation, and potentially more serious health complications. If you are experiencing these issues directly related to mold inside your home, it may be time to bring in professionals who offer mold remediation services. Regency DKI offers mold remediation services to ensure you and your family aren’t compromising your health simply by living in your home.

Regency DKI’s team are your local experts that perform inspections and mold remediation (mold removal). At Regency DKI, we are proud to employ Certified Mold-Remediation Professionals. The purpose of the Certified Mold Professional (CMP) program is to train committed mold remediation contractors and to bring a higher level of professionalism to the remediation industry. Our on-staff CMPs are just of the one reasons why you can trust the mold remediation team at Regency DKI, a premier disaster cleanup agency.

What to expect when you place a call to Regency DKI:

    • An immediate response to your emergency situation.
    • A thorough inspection of the property to identify any growth.
    • All affected areas will be sectioned off to limit growth and prevent further contamination.
    • Regency DKI will then coordinate the necessary repairs, water extraction,
      structural drying, removal, disposal, and remediation of the mold on the properties affected areas.

What to do if mold if found in your home:

    • silver-i-remediation-011Contact Regency DKI at 1-888- 354-2447 for a prompt property remediation assessment.
    • Call your insurance company immediately to report the damage and review your coverage. (Regency DKI does not make any determinations or decisions regarding insurance coverage.)
    • Stay out of the area unless you are wearing protective gear.
    • Do not remove, touch or handle the affected materials.
    • In the case of extensive mold, consider temporarily moving out. Check your
      insurance policy for emergency housing provisions.